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Club Tournament

2017 Club Tournament will be on Saturday, August 26th & Sunday, August 27th

Club Tournament 2016 CHAMPIONS!

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Jennifer DeLozier and Ben Davis


Flight Winners

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Fifth Flight:  Wayne Olson, Third Flight:  Bruce Carlson,

 Second Flight:  Mike Benoy, Women’s Club Champion:  Jennifer DeLozier,

Men’s Club Champion: Ben Davis, Fourth Flight:  Charvey Spencer

Women’s First Flight:  Joan Spencer

Not pictured:  First Flight:  Jon Mattson,  

2015 Club Championship

2015 Club Champions

2015 Club Champs done

Jennifer DeLozier & Randy Antonich

2015 Club Tourn flight winners done
Flight Winners

Wayne Olson, Don McKinney, Blake Douglas, Duane Wisse, Jason Pearson, Randy Antonich

Carrie Olson, Jeanne Taylor & Jennifer DeLozier

NOT PICTURED:  Bill Hunter & Tim Vasatka

2014 Club Championship

2014 Club Champions

Jenn & Carson 2014

Jennifer DeLozier and Carson Giller

Flight Winners

flight winners 2014

Jeanne Taylor, Jennifer DeLozier, Carson Giller, Chris Hopp, David Grindell, Charvey Spencer & Jeremy Fliesshackker

2013 Club Championship

Club Champs 2013

Trevor Cogswell & Jennifer DeLozier

2013 Club Champions

Flight winners 2013

Brad Bulver-2nd Flight, Randy Antonich-1st  Flight, Wayne Olson-6th Flight, Jim Miller-4th Flight, Bambi Rowe-2nd Flight Women’s,  

Bruce Rowe-5th Flight, Dave Jendro-7th Flight

Front:  2013 Club Champions-Trevor Cogswell & Jennifer DeLozier
NOT PICTURED:  Julie Sorensen-Women’s 1st Flight

2012 Club Championship

John Sorensen & Jennifer DeLozier
2012 Club Champions


First flight Tyler hall, Second flight Daryl Bazey, Third flight Duane Wisse, Fourth flight Chuck Herrig, Fifth flight Bruce Rowe, Sixth flight Bruce Chell, Seventh flight Dave Dopkins, Women’s second flight Carrie Olson, Club Champion John Sorensen, Club Champion Jennifer DeLozier, First flight women’s Lisa Miller

2011 Club Championship

Jason Pearson & Jennifer DeLozier
2011 Club Champions





2011 Club Tournament Flight winners

Jason Pearson, Trevor Cogswell, Gene Johnson, Dave Grindell, Don Taylor

Tracie Desjardins, Mary Bucher, Jennifer DeLozier

More information will be posted as it becomes available.