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Frederic Golf Course History

Frederic Golf Course has a long history in the village of Frederic. It all started in 1956, when a small group of men headed by Clifford Erickson decided there was a need for a golf course in Frederic. To help fund the ambitious project, they went door-to-door in the village asking residents and business owners to purchase shares of stock for $100. The land was purchased and work began on the nine-hole course. Much of the work force included volunteers who worked Sundays cutting down trees, picking rocks, and planting grass seed.

The course opened for business during the summer of 1957 as a private course open to the public. The first year had unexpected problems as new businesses sometimes do. Getting adequate water to the course was one of them. The Club had two wells drilled both proving inadequate to keep the new grass seed wet enough to survive. To correct the problem, the village ran irrigation pipes from town to provide water to the course. Greens keeper, Tom Funne, had to return to the course several times each evening to move sprinklers from one green to the next.

In 1998, the stockholders voted to add an additional nine holes to the course. Not unlike during the original construction, again the Club ran into problems. This time the new grass seed was planted only to have heavy rains come and wash out some areas as many as five times. Despite the problems, the eighteen hole course opened in July 2000.

Today Frederic Golf Course is a beautifully manicured 18-hole course with mature trees, lush greens and challenging fairways. It is truly one of the more enjoyable courses in Northwestern Wisconsin for all levels of golfers. The Club is still a privately owned course open to the public. It is owned entirely by its stockholders, some of the original stockholders are still active members. And like the original stockholders back in the fifties, a lot of volunteer effort goes into making the Club a success and the course an asset to the community.

Outside play and tournaments are always welcomed and anyone can become a member or stockholder. At Frederic Golf Course, we strive to make each golfer’s experience a pleasant one and believe once a golfer plays here, we will have a customer for life.